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Terms & Conditions

The provided Terms and Conditions for the website Modafinil.AU outline the rules and guidelines for using the site and its services. Please note that the summary does not include all details. For a full understanding, the original document should be read in its entirety.

Here's a Brief Summary

  • Acceptance of Terms

    By using the services or buying products from Modafinil.AU, users agree to be bound by the Terms of Service and all related policies. Users must be of legal age to use the services and must not use the services for any unauthorized or illegal purposes. The site may not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, and users agree not to violate any laws in their jurisdiction. These Terms of Service and any separate agreements are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia and/or other applicable country laws.

  • General Conditions

    Modafinil.AU reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. We reserve the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time, and users are responsible for regularly checking for such changes. Modafinil.AU also reserves the right to change the services or the prices of products at any time without prior notice.

  • Personal Information

    Users' submission of personal information through the store is governed by Modafinil.AU Privacy Policy.

Table of Contents

Terms and Conditions (“Terms of Use”)

This website – Modafinil.AU and the terms: “this store,” “this pharmacy,” “this site,” “Modafinil.AU,” “we,” “our,” “us,” all refer to it wherever they are used. We provide goods and services to you (the customer, user or visitor), and by using our services or buying our products, you agree to be bound by our “Terms of Service” (also known as “ToS,” “Terms and Condition,” or “Terms of Use”) and policies as stated on our website. You also agree to be bound by terms made available via hyperlink or any other media. The Terms of Service, as well as policies contained herein, are applicable to all and sundry: users, visitors, merchants, customers, content contributors as well as anyone who uses our services in any way.

We encourage all and sundry to carefully read this material before accessing or utilizing the services we provide or purchasing the products we offer. For whatever reason, if you do not agree fully to all or any part of this ToS, you may not use our services or buy any of our products. However, if you accept it, then you agree to be bound by every policy and condition contained in this agreement.

Furthermore, new tools, features, and products are often added to this website, you shall be subject to them effective immediately, i.e., from the moment they are published. Modafinil.AU reserves the right to add, remove, alter, replace, update, or modify all or any part of this agreement. You remain bound by our Terms of Service regardless of whether they have been modified with or without your notice. As a visitor, user customer who utilizes our services or buys our products, it is solely your responsibility to frequently check for such modifications, addition, or removal from what is already contained herein.

It is worth noting that our platform is hosted on Shopify Inc. This third-party service provides us as the online e-сommerce platform with all tools and technologies that we use to provide you with a secure, fast, and seamless experience here on Modafinil.AU. It enables us to sell our services and products in the best way to you, or any customer.

Online Store Terms

You may only use our services if you are at least, the age of majority or legal age as stipulated by your state or province, country, or region and have agreed to our ToS. You give us your full consent to enable us to release our products and services to you.

Furthermore, you may not use the products and services we provide for any unauthorized or illegal purpose. Also, you may not violate any law including copyright laws in your state or province, country, or region while using our services.

Regardless of the circumstances, you must not inject, transfer, transmit any virus or “worms” or any malicious program that can compromise the security of this platform. Any such action, including but not limited to the violation of our Terms of Use will lead to the termination of the services we provide you. You may also be made to face the law.

General Conditions

Without any limitations, Modafinil.AU, at any time, reserves the right to cease, to provide products or services to any individual. With your consent, we may transfer data (excluding your credit card information) unencrypted. This may involve:

  • transferring your data over various networks;
  • modifications that may be necessary for the connection or linking of devices and/or internet networks. We encrypt all our user’s credit card information when transferring them over networks. This way, you remain highly secure.

Before using any of our services or buying our products, you must have express permission from us (Modafinil.AU). It is worth noting that such permission will only be given after agreeing to our Terms of Use which include but not limited to:

  • selling, reproducing, exploiting or duplicating part or all of the services we render;
  • accessing certain services or written contracts that we provide through our website.

Note that, while the headers contained within this ToS or agreement may not covey or express all the policies governing us explicitly, they are written herein to represent a contract binding you (user) and us (Modafinil.AU), if you accept it. Therefore, the headers or title used in this contract shall in no way affect or limit these Terms of Use.

Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness of Information

While we constantly make an effort to verify every information we put out through this platform we shall not be held liable for any discrepancies, incompleteness, or inaccuracies. It is worth noting the contents on this site are not intended to replace professional advice, rather, they are for guidance or informational purposes only.

Users/visitors/clients are in no way expected or required to make healthcare decisions or choices based on the materials made available on this platform. We categorically advise against relying solely on any information on this website without making reference to a more accurate source. Furthermore, be aware that certain historical information we pass on this platform is for only reference purposes only, as they may be out of date. At this point, it is worth noting that users who chose to rely on any information passed across this website do so at their own risk. We shall not be held responsible for whatever damage or injury that may result from doing so.

We reserve the right to modify, change, include, remove, or take down all or any part of the contents on this site as we deem fit. It is worth noting that while we may notify you about whatever updates, modifications, or inclusion we make to our contents, we are in no way, obligated to do so. By accepting our Terms and Conditions, and making use of the service we render, you agree that it is your responsibility to review our ToS regularly to be aware of any modifications.

Changes to Our Services and Pricing

We reserve the full right to change our Service (or any part of our content) or the price of our products, and we may do so at any time without prior notification (soon or after the change). The reason for the change in our product prices may be due to certain reasons including but not limited to offers or discounts.

Therefore, Modafinil.AU shall not be held liable to users/clients/visitors in any way for either the discontinuance or continuance of any service or change in price, whether high or low.

Products or Services

While we are out to render services as well as make high-quality products available to our customers, please understand that they may not always be available for one reason or the other. The actual quantities in-stock may not be displayed and even in the event that they are, be aware that they may be subject to exchange or return. Kindly review our Return Policy to learn more about this.

In order to give the best descriptions or properly represent our products or services, we made conscious efforts during the design of this site, and do the same during each product labeling to display the products and their individual prices as accurately as we can. However, due to the differences in screen resolutions, settings, computer, or device type we cannot guarantee users/clients/visitors 100% that they will view the same product image color as we achieve.

It is worth noting that while we reserve the right to limit the sales or supplies of our products to any user/client/visitor due to their region, jurisdiction, region, state, or region or geographic location, we are not obligated to do so. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis to render quality service to you, or in a way to limit the quantities of products we supply at any given time.

Furthermore, product pricing, as well as descriptions, are subject to change at any time without any prior notification. Note that offers for any given product on our store cease to exist effective immediately from the time it is prohibited.

At all times, Modafinil.AU strives to render premium services as well as top-quality products. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that all the materials, products, or services you buy will meet your expectations. We also do not guarantee that errors in the service or product you purchase will be rectified, corrected, or improved.

Accuracy of Billing and Account Information

Modafinil.AU reserves the right to not deliver any order you place with us. We also reserve the right to reject, cancel, or limit the number of products ordered per household, per order or per individual, and we may make this decision based on our discretion.

Our decision to carry out such limitation may be determined through the confirmation of:

  • orders paid via the same credit card;
  • orders checked out by the same customer account;
  • orders to be sent to the same billing or shipping address.

For any reason, if you need to make changes to, or cancel your order arises, we may make an effort to inform you via the email address you provided us with during the ordering process. Modafinil.AU also reserves the right to discontinue a transaction, terminate, or limit the number of products delivered if we perceive them to be made by resellers, dealers, or distributors.

By agreeing to use our services and buy our products, you are required to constantly update or provide us with current and accurate information regarding your payment and account information. You are also required to update any information that will enable us to serve you optimally. The reason your information needs to be correct at all times is so that we can ensure you have a smooth and seamless transaction absent of any inconsistencies.

Modafinil.AU strives to satisfy customers worldwide with quality products and services. Kindly view our Returns Policy to learn more.

Optional Tools

In the bid to deliver excellent services, we employ the services of certain third-party tools that we can provide you access to upon agreeing. However, it is worth noting that these third-party service providers have their individual terms of use that differ from ours and we neither contribute to control or monitor them.

Our sole responsibility is limited to the provision the third-party tools, “as available,” and “as is.” We do not endorse, give warranties, or represent them. While we grant access to these tools (on an optional basis), by using their services, you agree that we shall not be held liable for any issue that may arise from the use of third-party services. It is made known to you now, that, for any optional tools or service you access through our website (Modafinil.AU), you do so at your own risks. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of any third-party service you intend using, as well as get acquainted with the tools before using them.

Moving forwards, for the reason of improving the quality of the services we render, we may offer new resources and services, or integrate new tools. It is worth noting that while we may offer them without notifying you, like all other services and tools we currently have, they shall be subject to the existing ToS (at the time of the update), effective immediately.

Third-Party Links

In the bid to serve you in the best possible way that we can, note that we often employ the services, content, and/or products from third-parties.

On certain pages on this website, we have links that may lead to third-party sites that we are not affiliated with. It is worth noting that we shall not be in any way, held liable for any damage, harm, or loss related to the use of their content, products, or services. We shall also not be held legally responsible for any transaction, whether failed or successful, that may transpire between you and the third-party service provider.

Before using any third-party service or tool, irrespective of the fact we provided a link to its platform, we advise you to review its terms and conditions. Be sure to have a complete understanding before proceeding to carry out any transaction or rely on any of its material, resource, or service. If you have any concerns, questions, claims, or complaints regarding the service, product, resource, or material of a third-party service provider, you may direct it to them.

Feedback, User Comments, and Other Submissions

Before using our products, service, or tools, you agree to make certain submissions including but not limited to comments, suggestions, ideas, plans, proposals, or any other resourceful information. In the event that you make such a submission whether through email, online, our comment section, or whatever medium, you agree that we reserve the right to edit, share, publish, translate, distribute, or use it without any limitation or restrictions, and at any time. You also agree to make such submissions without any request from us, but of your own volition.

Note that in the event that we utilize your submission, we shall in no way be under obligation to:

  • compensate you financially or otherwise;
  • reply or respond to any suggestions or comments;
  • moderate any comments in confidence.

Understand that while we reserve the rights to monitor, edit, modify or remove any comments, or content that we deem offensive, insulting, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, hostile, threatening, obscene, objectionable, libelous or otherwise, we are not under any obligation whatsoever, to do so.

To use and benefit from our products and the services we render to the extent allowable by this ToS, you need to agree to not breach or violate any of our proprietary rights, privacy, personality, as well as a third-party trademark. You are also required to agree that you shall not make any comments that violate the rights of any third-party service provider.

In addition to the previous statement, you also agree to make no suggestions, comments or inquiries in written form or any other that contains abusive, obscene, unlawful, libelous or malicious materials that may in any way, interfere with our operation of service or attempt to access our protected data unauthorized.

It is worth noting that you and you alone (as well as any third-party) are solely responsible for whatever suggestions or comments you make on our platform, as well as their accuracy. Be it a negative or positive remark, depending on the purpose of commenting, we shall not be held responsible or liable for the comment. While utilizing our services, you shall not provide us with false information that may mislead us, or the third-party service providers we operate with, nor make it impossible for us to trace back to the origin of any comment you make on our platform.

Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy has a provision that covers your decision to submit your personal information or interact with us or any of our services that require your information for processing.

Omissions, Errors, and Inaccuracies

Contents relating to products, shipping charges, offers, promotions, availability, and transit times as well as certain other contents on our website may include omissions, typographical errors, or inaccuracies. It is worth noting that under such circumstances, we reserve the right to modify, change or correct such errors, as well as cancel orders if it so happens that any information surrounding it is inaccurate, suffers omissions, or contains errors that can affect proper delivery. Note that the cancellation may take place without prior notice, regardless of whether the order has been submitted.

It is also worth noting that we are not in any way, under any obligation to clarify, update, amend or edit errors even if they are associated with pricing unless it is deemed vital by law. In situations where we make modifications or any form of corrections, we often include the date the action was taken. Note that this may not necessarily mean that every other content on our site has been updated.

Prohibited Uses

In addition to the prohibitions defined in the ToS, you may not use this site, its service or products for certain purposes which include but not limited to:

  • influencing others to partake in an illegal or unlawful act;
  • insulting, intimidating, defaming, slandering, harassing, or discriminating against other individuals based on their sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, age, race, or religion;
    tracking other clients, users, customers, buyers or visitors by maliciously collecting their personal data;
  • submitting false, fake or any information that may be misleading;
  • circumventing our measures put in place to secure our platform as well as transactions being made on it;
  • spamming; crawling, phishing or scraping information off our website;
  • injecting, transferring, corrupting or transmitting a virus or any malicious code that can affect our platform in any way, knowingly or unknowingly;
  • violating state or provincial, international, rules, federal, local ordinances, or laws.

Note that with or without your consent, we reserve the right to ban you from using this site or its services, as well as that of its affiliates or any related website for violating any of our prohibited use. You may not also use it for any unlawful purpose.

Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability

If you accept our ToS and plan to start using this site or its service, note that there is no 100% guarantee that your browsing sessions will not be interrupted, completely error-free, secure, and timely. We do not also guarantee that every information provided herein or through references is accurate and reliable.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree and understand that periodically, certain services may be taken down for indefinite periods without prior notice. You also accept that your ability or inability to access our services or that of our third-party service providers, as our client/user/customer/visitor, at any point in time is at your own risk. Note that all the services, or products we provide you directly or indirectly, we do so without any warranties of any kind, but as an “as available,” or “as is,” basis.

Under no circumstance shall Modafinil.AU, our agents, suppliers, officers, service providers, employees, licensors, or affiliates be held responsible for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, special damages, claim, injury, or loss of any kind. Without any limitation, this includes data loss, replacement costs, lost revenue, lost profits or savings, or any related loss. At all times, the circumstance regardless, our liability shall be limited to the maximum extent allowable by the law, even in jurisdictions, states, or provinces that do not allow the exclusion of culpability for incidental or consequential damages.


By using the services we provide, you agree to indemnify, defend and not hold us or our partners, suppliers, affiliates, service providers, agents and employees responsible for any claims or report filed by a third-party as regards your violation of our Terms and Conditions, including agreements made available by reference, or violation of the rights of any of our third-party service providers.


In the event that any part(s) of this Terms of Service is found to be out of line with the law in such a way that it becomes unenforceable or unlawful, such ToS shall be executed to the farthest possible extent as allowed by the law. The unenforceable or unlawful part thereof shall be removed from these Terms and Conditions.


All responsibilities and liabilities incurred by the parties involved in this agreement shall not be affected by a termination, if it was incurred before said termination.

The agreements contained in these ToS shall continue to be enforced to their full extent unless specifically terminated by any of the parties involved. If, at any time, you want to initiate the termination of these ToS, please do inform us (through support).

We reserve the absolute right to terminate this agreement solely at our own discretion without prior notice to you. We can exercise this right should we discover/suspect that you have failed to comply fully with your obligations as contained in these agreements. The manner in which we may arrive at these conclusions is solely at our discretion. In the event that the agreement is terminated by either you or us, you shall be required to fulfill all obligations until the date of termination.

Entire Agreement

The Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy contained herein as published by us (Modafinil.AU) as regards our operations and the services we provide constitute the agreement that binds us.

It also covers your use of the Service, superseding any prior or contemporaneous proposals, agreements and communications between you and us, whether written or oral, as well as any previous version of our ToS, but not limited to it. In the event that any rights or provisions of this agreement are purposely or inadvertently not enforced by us, these rights and provisions remain inviolate.

Note that any ambiguities as regards these Terms and Conditions or its interpretation shall under no circumstance, be construed against us (Modafinil.AU – the drafting party).

Governing Law

This entire Agreement, including but not limited to any other policies or agreements, shall be governed by and enforced in a manner consistent with the written laws of Australia and/or other countries where applicable.

Changes to Terms of Use

You are encouraged to keep abreast of the most current version of our ToS as updated on this page because our ToS will be continuously revised and amended. All or parts of these ToS as displayed on our website can be altered, removed, or added to at our sole discretion without your consent or notification.

Please be informed that the onus lies on you to peruse our website for changes that might be made without your prior consent or notification. It is implied that by your continued use of our services or continued access to our website after being furnished with these ToS, you assent and accept wholly, these Terms, including future revisions, amendments, and modifications.

Contact Information

This is the end of these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions regarding this agreement that binds you (user/client/visitor/customer), and us (Modafinil.AU), or need any clarification, you may contact us through our ticketing system.

You may also reach us through the same channel if you would like to find out more about our online pharmacy, the products, and services we provide, as well as how we operate.

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