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Credit Card and Billing Queries

Paying is easy at checkout! You can use major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express (AmEx), PayPal, PayID and BPAY. If you are placing an order outside of Oz, alternative country-specific payment methods are available: Zelle, ACH Payment and Bill Pay for the US, Faster Payments for the UK and SEPA Bank Transfer by IBAN for European orders. Most impressively, we also accept Bitcoin (both on-chain and lightning network), stable coins (USDT, USDC, etc.), Altcoins (BNB, LTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, XRP, XMR, ADA, etc.) and other cryptocurrencies.

Please note that not all payment options may be available at checkout, as their availability may vary dynamically based on various factors. So, remember to check the checkout page for the latest options. If your card transaction fails and you haven’t received an order confirmation, don’t panic. Before you contact us, please visit this page. It’s full of valuable information that our support team can use to help resolve your issue.

Let’s Discuss Some Key Details

  • The Collective Threat of Big Pharma and Banks

    This crew of bankers and Big Pharma figures have introduced regulations that make it difficult for us to accept your preferred payment methods such as cards and PayPal. Because we sell medicines that are controlled by Big Pharma, every transaction becomes more challenging. But don't worry, we've found a solution. We are still happy to accept standard payments such as major credit/debit cards (Mastercard, AmEx and Visa) and PayPal. For our UK and US buyers, we've got hassle-free and secure options such as Faster Payments and Bill Pay, respectively. With our specialised payment system, our e-pharmacy's name is kept confidential on your bank statement. In fact, it may look like a purchase from a jewellery shop in Europe or a random online store in Asia.

  • Insider Strategies, PayPal Extra Costs & Our Affinity for Bitcoin

    For online pharmacies like ours, navigating through third party payment gateways can be costly. We incur significant costs with our partners who help us process card and PayPal payments, with fees sometimes reaching 38% of the transaction amount, well above the standard rate of 2.5%. While we absorb a significant portion of these costs, certain payment methods, such as PayPal, charge an additional A$20 fee. In addition, PayPal transactions exclude the use of vouchers or discounts, and sending multiple payments for a single order complicates the refund process. That's why we're excited about Bitcoin. By using crypto, we not only avoid excessive fees but also extend the 20% discount typically reserved for traditional banking transactions. Selecting modern payment methods not only offers cost savings but also guarantees secure and anonymous transactions, protecting your payment details.

  • Handy Tips for Using Your Credit Card

    Depending on our current payment partners, you may need to verify your address, phone number and other details to ensure that you're the legitimate owner of the credit card. It's important to make sure that the provided billing information and phone number match what's on file with your bank. And here's a useful tip: Some Australian card providers automatically block transactions from overseas destinations. So, it's a good idea to contact your bank before you purchase to let them know you're comfortable with overseas charges. This can help make your Modafinil shopping experience much smoother. However, be aware that your bank may charge additional fees for overseas transactions. Please note that we don't benefit from these extra charges – it's just your bank's way of making more money. Also, if your card is declined, check that you have sufficient funds in your account and that your postcode matches your card details. These are usually the main reasons why a card is declined.

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Table of Contents

Telephone Verification for Credit Card Transactions: FAQs

If my card is declined, what do I do next?

Watch Our Video on How Our Billing System Works

  • Begin by Checking Your Credit Card Balance

    Your card can sometimes be declined for reasons such as not having enough money, entering the wrong payment details or if your card provider has put in place some anti-fraud checks. Double-check that you have enough dosh in your account for the purchase, and remember that your bank might tack on a 3–5% fee for international transactions.

  • Confirm Your Phone Number & Postcode

    To streamline credit and debit card purchases on our site, we occasionally need to verify your phone number. To ensure a hassle-free experience, please provide a valid number when placing your order and double-check the accuracy of your payment details, including your postcode and address. They must match the information registered with your bank. Our payment processing partner will contact you to confirm the transaction. This will usually involve a short call where you'll need to verify (1) the total amount of your order and (2) the seller's name (ModafinilAU) with the representative.

  • Enable Global Transactions with Your Card Provider

    Occasionally, your card provider may restrict certain transactions, especially overseas ones, as a security measure against fraud. If your payment isn't going through, this could be the reason. If you're experiencing payment problems, simply contact your bank and ask them to authorise international card transactions. Once they do, you'll be able to shop around the world, including our e-pharmacy.

Phone verification is essential to verify a genuine transaction; it’s not a sales pitch. If you’ve purchased from our e-pharmacy but haven’t received an email confirmation, your transaction may require manual verification and has not yet been finalised. In these situations, our payment processor will contact you with a friendly call to confirm your purchase from ModafinilAU. If we are unable to verify the transaction within 5 working days, we regret to inform you that your payment will be declined and your order will not be processed.

If you contact your bank or credit card company to authorise an overseas transaction or follow up on a purchase, remember that it’s not the same as a telephone verification. It’s advisable to avoid mentioning the ModafinilAU online pharmacy or prescription tablets when speaking to your bank, as these purchases are not supported by major banks or card providers. If prescription drugs are mentioned, PayPal may suspend both your and our accounts. Instead, just let them know that it’s for an overseas online purchase. This will help us to serve you faster and ensure that your nootropic arrives promptly.

If you’re still facing difficulties, you could try using a different card or other payment methods. If none of these options work, please contact our helpful customer support team for further assistance.

Practical Tips on How to Process Payments

Your bank has given the green light for the transaction, or maybe you haven’t seen any payment attempts on your account. Not sure what to do next?
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  • If Your Bank Has Approved Your Transaction...

    Once your bank has approved the foreign transaction and you've completed the phone verification process, you should receive an order confirmation email within 48 hours. Don't worry about being charged twice; we regularly cancel previous orders under the same name to avoid duplicate charges. If you see a charge but no order confirmation email, your payment may only be pre-authorised. This means that no money will be taken until we verify your transaction over the phone. Banks may hold funds for up to 5 working days before approving or declining a payment. If you're paying by PayPal, please avoid sending multiple payments for the same order, as refunds are not available for PayPal transactions.

  • Confused About a Foreign Transaction Fee? Have I Been Overcharged?

    Have you noticed a fee that seems higher than usual? It could be because your bank is charging extra for foreign transactions. When payments are processed overseas, banks may add a foreign transaction fee, typically 3–5%, for each international payment. Neither ModafinilAU nor the payment processor pockets this fee. It's best to check with your bank before purchasing to avoid any surprises.

  • No Payment Attempts from ModafinilAU Online Pharmacy: What's Happening?

    Have you already spoken to your bank and still haven't seen any payment attempts from us? Well, your transaction probably requires phone verification. Don't fret! One of our payment team members will be in touch shortly for a friendly chat to confirm your recent purchase from ModafinilAU. If we're unable to verify the transaction over the phone within 5 working days, your order will be automatically cancelled. If you're still having difficulty verifying your order, please contact our support team.

Short Credit Card Billing FAQ

There are a few possible reasons why your payment didn’t go through, often because your bank has put a hold on the transaction, especially for international purchases. To resolve this, contact your card provider, inform them of the declined payment and ask them to approve it. Don’t mention any specific medicines, pills or our website – this will make authorisation more difficult. Just say you’re buying online. Once you’ve got the thumbs up, try the payment again. If it’s still a no-go, consider using a different card or alternative payment mode. Bitcoin works like a charm.

You can go ahead and place your new “smart drug” order. No need to worry about double charges – we will take care of any previous orders under the same name. If you’re using PayPal, please do not send multiple payments for the same order, as we cannot refund PayPal transactions.

We may need to call you briefly to confirm your transaction. Keep an eye out for our payment team; they’ll be in touch shortly.

If you’ve been charged more than once but haven’t received an order confirmation, your transaction likely needs to be verified by phone before it can be processed.

If your payment hasn’t been processed yet, you can place a new order if you need to. We’ll automatically cancel any previous orders for you. If your payment has been confirmed, but you change your mind, don’t stress! You’ll have a window of 2 hours after payment to successfully cancel it.

Wait! Contact us first to request a refund. Opting for a chargeback without prior communication with us may not align with Australian regulations. Let’s sort this out together before you take any drastic steps!

Of course, it is! We’ve got you covered with SSL certification and 128-bit encryption for worry-free transactions.

Refunds can take between 2 and 30 working days to process. In general, you should expect to see your money in your account within 4 to 7 days.

Of course, we do! We’re happy to accept them, just make sure they’re set up for international transactions. It’s a convenient way to shop with us and enjoy our offers without hassle.

We’re sorry, but Western Union payments are not currently accepted.

Many card providers and banks don’t allow you to buy prescription drugs directly online. But don’t worry, we’ve found a legal solution. It involves a simple telephone verification and sometimes approval from your bank. This keeps things safe and legal.

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We're All About Convenience, So PayPal Payments Are Welcome Here Too

A quick heads-up: While we're happy to accept PayPal, our refund process is not currently linked to this payment mode. But fear not! Our refund process is seamless and ensures that you get your money back without any hassle.
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  • Please Note: Additional PayPal Fee Applies

    To comply with PayPal's regulations for online pharmacies, we've turned to external vendors for Modafinil payment processing, resulting in significant fees of A$20 per transaction. We regret to inform you that our money-saving voucher codes cannot be used for PayPal payments. But don't worry! To avoid these extra costs, we recommend using Bitcoin as your payment option. Using cryptocurrency not only simplifies the process, but you'll also receive an impressive 20% discount on your entire purchase!

  • Please Avoid Multiple Payments via PayPal

    We ask that you avoid making multiple payments for the same order via PayPal. It's important to note that PayPal has strict rules regarding transactions with online pharmacies, both for incoming and outgoing payments. As a result, refunds cannot be processed through this platform. These policies are beyond our control, and we appreciate your understanding.

  • Why Can’t I Get a Refund via PayPal? What Do I Do If I Need One?

    Unfortunately, we can't process refunds through PayPal due to our payment system. While PayPal does technically allow refunds, using them for ModafinilAU transactions could result in your PayPal account being permanently suspended. This service has strict policies regarding online pharmacies and strictly prohibits transactions with them. However, you do have the option to receive a store credit instead. Simply contact our support team, and they'll arrange this for you. This store credit is flexible and can be used for future purchases on our site, just like cash!

Keep your transactions running smoothly and minimise refund requests. If a refund is unavoidable, opting for a store credit rather than a direct refund to your PayPal account can help maintain your account status.

Of course, there are! We’ve got you covered with multiple payment options. You can pay with major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa and AmEx, PayID and BPAY or even Bitcoin, which is our favourite.

Have you completed your PayPal transaction but haven’t seen the confirmation email yet? Don’t fret! Contact our world-class customer support team, and we’ll get it for you in no time. Don’t forget to include your PayPal transaction ID in your message. If you enter the information instead of providing a screenshot, we can help you more quickly.

Simplified Bitcoin Payments

Get an instant 20% discount! Take advantage of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin! Because transactions are peer-to-peer, you bypass banks and middlemen, reducing fees and simplifying the payment process.

Unlock the Benefits of Bitcoin

  • No Middlemen

    Bitcoin works on a peer-to-peer basis, bypassing traditional banks and middlemen for faster transactions and minimal fees. As a bonus, you get an exclusive 20% discount on all crypto purchases. We're able to offer this discount because we avoid excessive transaction costs and pass the savings on to you.

  • Absolute Privacy

    When it comes to privacy, Bitcoin transactions put traditional payment methods to shame. Although they are recorded on the blockchain, BTC transactions keep the identities of the parties involved confidential. Plus, using crypto is a breeze. Once you've set up your BTC wallet and purchased some Bitcoins, making transactions is as simple as sending an email.

  • As Simple as Sending an Email

    Navigating Bitcoin may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not – we're here to make it easy! Dive into our quick and easy video tutorial to familiarise yourself with the basics of Bitcoin. Plus, our dedicated support team is always on hand to solve any problems you may encounter. Ready to give Bitcoin a try? You might find it's more accessible than you ever imagined!

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Google and Other Search Engines Like the Text Below

Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo give preferences to websites with extensive text, leading to higher traffic. The below text is included to satisfy robots because we don’t spam or do keyword stuffing.

What’s your preferred payment method for online shopping: credit card, PayID, PayPal, BPAY or Poli? Guess what… We accept them all, so you can choose the one you find most convenient.

Visa or MasterCard - Which Is Better?

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted global payment networks that offer various benefits. However, there are some key differences to consider when looking to choose one over the other. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Visa card is one of the most recognized and accepted credit card brands in the world. It has an extensive network, making it accepted by countless merchants, businesses, and online retailers, both online and offline. Some of the major benefits associated with it are that it comes with built-in security features and reward programs that allow users to earn points or cashback on purchases.

MasterCard also has a vast network that makes it versatile and widely accepted across the world. What makes it stand out is the fact that the company constantly introduces cutting-edge payment features and technologies that boost user experience. Some of the benefits associated with MasterCard include the access it provides to premium services, exclusive offers, and discounts on purchases.

By now, you can tell that the difference between both cards is quite small. The decision on which one to choose will depend on your personal preference. If you prioritize ease of use, Visa card might be the right choice for you. However, if you’re drawn to premium services, innovative features, and potential discounts, then MasterCard may be a better fit.

How to Pay Someone with PayID

We offer our esteemed AU customers the option of making payments with PayID, one of the fastest and easiest ways of transferring money directly from your bank account without the need for traditional bank details. Here’s a step-by-step approach to paying someone with this payment method.

  1. Register for PayID: This involves linking your preferred contact information (mobile number or email address) to your bank account. Contact your bank or visit their online portal to complete the registration;
  2. Obtain the Recipient’s PayID: To pay someone, you need to know the contact info they registered with. It could be their mobile number or their email address. Be sure about this so you don’t send money to the wrong person;
  3. Access Your Online Banking: Login to your mobile banking app or online portal;
  4. Initiate Payment: Navigate to the “Transfers” or “Payments” section of the banking interface and select the option to make a new payment;
  5. Enter the PayID of the Recipient: Enter the mobile number or email address of the person you intend to pay, depending on what they used to register for PayID. Once you enter the details, your bank may display the name of the recipient;
  6. Confirm and Authorize Payment: Review the recipient’s name and amount you intended to send, then confirm and authorize payment if you’re certain.

If everything goes smoothly, you will receive a confirmation email from your bank, notifying you of the completed transaction. Note that new updates are constantly made to the app. As a result, the steps might vary slightly from what we’ve described above. However, you should still be able to follow up.

How to Create a PayPal Account in Australia

PayPal is a secure online payment platform you can use to buy modafinil on ModafinilAU from Australia or certain other parts of the world.

Don’t have a PayPal account? Here’s how to create one:

  1. Visit;
  2. Click “Sign Up;”
  3. Select “Personal Account” as your account type;
  4. Enter the email you’d like to use for transactions. Also, enter a password;
  5. Fill the form with your name, birthdate, and other details;
  6. Link a bank account or card to your now-created PayPal account and confirm email.

Follow these steps, and your PayPal account will be ready to send and receive money anywhere in Australia.

How to Pay with Poli in AU

Making payments with POLi in AU is pretty straightforward. If you’re just visiting Australia for the first time and are not familiar with the online payment system, here’s how to pay someone with it:

  1. If you intend to pay for your modafinil order with POLi or use the service on any other online store, select “Pay with POLi” on the checkout page. You’ll be redirected to a POLi payment page.
  2. Select your bank account on the payment page.
  3. Log in to your bank account. This step is important, as it links your bank account to the POLi payment system.
  4. Select the account you intend to use for payment. Note that this step is only necessary if you have multiple accounts linked to your online banking.
  5. Review the payment details, then confirm it, and the payment will be processed.

You should receive a receipt or an email notifying you of whether the payment was successful or not. In case you’re wondering, unlike with PayPal, creating a separate POLi account isn’t necessary. Payment with POLi should only be used on secure and reputable websites, such as ModafinilAU, so you don’t get phished.

What Is the Best Payment Method to Choose?

We’ve taken a look at a good number of payment methods, all of which we accept on ModafinilAU. But which one is the best one for secure, seamless, and cost-effective payment? Is it Visa, MasterCard, or any of the major credit cards? Is it PayID, PayPal, or POLi?

Well, it may interest you to know that the best isn’t listed in this guide. It is one of the most innovative payment solutions; it is superfast, secure, and attracts the most discounts to you on our platform. Drumroll… It is Bitcoin!

While we’re mentioning this for the first time, the truth is that Big Pharma, Banks, and payment solutions (PayPal, etc.) linked to banks make transacting difficult for both us (online pharmacies) and our customers. They charge us fees at every turn, which affects our price, even though we constantly strive to offer the lowest possible price. For example, each time a customer makes a payment with PayPal, we lose about 38% in fees to payment processors.

But with Bitcoin, the case is different. Since we don’t have to pay any fee, we save money, which we transfer to our customers. This is why we give you a special 20% discount each time you pay us with Bitcoin. Try placing an order now and selecting Bitcoin as your choice of payment to see how the discount slashes the total order price.

N.B. We still accept all the other payment methods listed above. While we found a workaround to escape them halting or throttling our modafinil payments (we did that by replacing the name of our online store in your bank statements), we still pay all the fees. This is why we can’t afford to offer you discounts when you use them.

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